The Harold & Kumar Guide to Investing

After a night of impossibly connected events that included riding a cheetah, almost getting trapped in a foursome with a gorgeous girl and grotesque guy, and getting their car stolen by the one and only Neal Patrick Harris, Harold & Kumar stood on an overhanging cliff looking out at their goal: White Castle.

With cops on their trail, an impassioned speech by Kumar about the American Dream convinced Harold to make a leap of faith toward their destiny.

Finally, they feasted on hamburgers, fries, and Pepsi, and Harold got respect & the girl of his dreams.

If you haven’t seen this classic stoner movie about a late night burger quest gone wild, don’t worry-what’s really important is the lesson it imparts: Harold & Kumar did whatever it took to reach their destination.

Sometimes it’s easier to take the easy route, to settle for Hot Dog Heaven instead of White Castle, but you’re cheating yourself out of something better.

Sure, you can give up early and still be satisfied with hot dogs.  The same goes for investors looking for something better than average, you have to be ready to do whatever it takes to get to your destination.

In this case that means learning just enough to beat the market with skill instead of luck.

That ‘just enough’ turns out to be a whole lot.  But like Harold & Kumar, if you keep your destination in mind and fight your way to get there, you’ll end up very satisfied.

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