Investing Secrets of Pirates

Where there be a sea there be pirates” – modified ancient Greek proverb

Ahoy me matey!

Be lookin for some booty?

Then imagine this:  A pirate appears before you, ready to teach you the secrets of the sweet trade.

The life of a pirate

Pirates were ever the masters of making off with the gold, girls, and goodies.  Life was good, so long as you didn’t get caught.  But where have all of the pirates gone?

If pirates live to this day, it is obvious where most of them plumb their trade:  In the markets, where most modern day treasures lie, waiting to be discovered.

A pirate is always a pirate, even if he no longer needs to plunder and pillage to get his way.

Investing secrets of plundering pirates

Not just anyone can be a pirate.  It takes training, time, and most importantly, secrets of the trade.

The last is the hardest to come by, after all, how are you going to befriend a pirate?  Luckily, I’ve done that work for you, by pretending to be a pirate.


Let’s set sail and discover some of the investing secrets of pirates:

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